A Rain, Sleet, Snow Senior Session Sneak Peak

It’s St. Patrick’s Day 2012, and I wake up at my normal time, but it’s Saturday, so 6:30am seems earlier than it does Monday- Friday.  I’m shooting Dustin Larson’s senior picture today, and though It’s a typical gray-Northwest-drizzle I’m confident we’ll get some shots in between raindrops .  I’m up early because I need to be in Seattle at 9am for a salon appointment scheduled weeks ago, it’s worth the early hour to beat the traffic around the city.  As I go to warm up my car, I’m confronted with a heavy snow fall!

By the time I’m in Renton, it’s no longer snowing, but the rain feels heavy.  I make it on time to my appointment, and regale my stylist with the ridiculous allergic reaction I had to the hair color last time.  She notes in big letters on my file ALLERGIC TO COLOR TREATMENT.  I’m out the door in less than an hour, and just as I’m leaving, it begins to snow in Seattle.  I give Dustin a call, because if it’s snowing in Seattle, the weather can’t be good in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains where he lives.

Back in Black Diamond, I change into warm weather clothes, as the the snow begins to dissipate.  And it being spring (though the temperature doesn’t convince me) the sun comes out, the sleet/snain stops, and the snow melts.  Dustin call with an all clear.  So I head out to Burnett, we hop in his brothers 4 x 4 and we start heading up the mountain. 

Out first stop is the Three Bridges, 17 miles from Dustin’s house, deep into the foothills, at the entry to Mt Rainer National Forest.  There’s a dusting of snow on the ground, and it’s definitely cold and wet.  We’re shooting on the bridge for about 5 minutes, are about to ford the dry-in-winter Carbon River, river bed, when a snow storm just drops.  Pretty amazing to see, across the river the snow just drops down, and comes towards us (the picture below is the start of the storm).

Snow Storm

We pack up and head down to Wilkeson.  Other than having to wait out a hail storm, the weather held off, and the sun even came out.  Below are a few of my favorite shots from the trip, the full post to come.


               DustinSenior_025    DustinSenior_046

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