Overcoming a One Knee Handicap – what I learned this winter, and my plans for fall


Ski Fence 2

It’s been a long winter, people…

…and not just because of the weather. 

My knee went out on me hard around January, and without a solution for my insurance problem (the problem: I don’t have insurance), I’ve been rather immobile.   There’s a solution in sight, though, and am hoping to see a surgeon come October. 

What I’ve Lost

I also decided to get serious about my health this winter.  I was tired of feeling groggy, run down, and just generally ucky.  Moving around was getting harder in general, the knee problem not with-standing.  I decided to give Overeater’s Anonymous a try, and am amazed by the community of support I found in this great group of people.  Not having much of an idea what 12 Step programs were about, I find OA liberating.  I know without a doubt that I have an addiction to sugar, flour, and corn.  I know I’m not alone.  I also know that through this program, and giving over to God my inability to control my life, I’ve been without sugar/flour/corn for 40 days now, I’ve lost over 50 lbs, and have gone down 10 (!) sizes.  I’ve also found a way to eat that works for me, and am so grateful to Paleo for rebooting what “food” means to me.

What I’ve Gained

Because my health is better I’m able to get out and do as much as my knee will let me.  This weekend saw me traipsing around Seattle, Tacoma, and Federal Way.  If it wasn’t for my knee I wouldn’t feel any ill effects of the effort.  I’ve also been able to ease up on my perfectionism, which debilitated my art.  Without the food clouding my mind, I’m able to take a risk and be vulnerable, and I don’t know what is more vulnerable that putting art out into the world. 

Right Now and the Near Future

Though I missed booking for the wedding season, I did pick up a couple family shoots, and a project for Elephant Car Wash.  I’ve also joined Rainer Hills Photography Club, so I’m working on my project for that as well.  It’s gratifying to be behind the camera again after what turned into a very long winter.  I am looking forward to more photo projects with RHPC, and shooting a pet portrait for holiday cards.  It’s also my goal to get into Seattle with some photog friends and take some street photography along the waterfront and downtown. 

Faves will be up soon from the family photo session with Sarah, Bernie, and Elsa Jane (who just turned 1 year old!).  I’ll post some shots from the Elephant shoots, which are for the Elephant Car Wash website, along with shots taken by Emily Crantz.  I have some Pike Place Market shots, and then shots of Rose, Caleb, Isabell, and their new baby, Tristan taken at Wright’s Park in T-Town.  Finally, I’ll post some updated pictures so you all can see how skinny I’m getting!!!!

Luv ya, Lynda.

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