Lilacs on May Day

May First, Two Thousand and Fourteen

PhotoGrrl Pictures

The first day of my 365 I sat at my kitchen table near sunrise thinking about my first photos.  When I planned to begin this in May, the month seemed so far away.  Suddenly it was here.  This week, the Northwest was graced with incredible weather.  Sunny.  Temperatures in the 80’s.  It was the first of May, and my thoughts turned to spring.  I contemplated this as I watched the morning sun rise over the Cascade Mountains to the East.  When the sun lit up our lilac “tree”, I knew it was my first picture.

This precious Lilac bush grew out of the tiniest volunteer.  Gifted to my mom when we moved into our first home.  This small sapling has grown taller than our house.  Turning 19 this July, it always signals to us that warm, and beautiful weather is on its way.

– One of Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

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