Hi! It’s Just Me

I’m a girl who loves pictures, the rock and roll, the unexpected, the surreal, the silly, and the profound.

People who are brave enough to reach into their creativity are heroes.  We need more heroes.

I love when people reveal themselves.

The most impressive thing I’ve ever done is take control of my health.

I own more hats, and scarves than is healthy.

Fall and early winter are my favorite times of the year.

I knit…it’s the only thing domestic I can accomplish.

Eyeliner!  On a man or woman, a fully lined eye is a good thing. 

I’m a dork for spreadsheets.  There is something about taking numbers, lining them up in rows and columns, totaling them, and then formulating them that fills the part of my brain that likes bringing order to chaos.  It’s odd that a kid who grew up hating math, now has a close personal relationship with numbers.

Books were the greatest invention ever…the second greatest was the e-reader.

To listen to music is to touch genius:  David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, The Bravery, The Killers, Young the Giant, Harvey Danger, Le Tigra, Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney, Nirvana, Weezer, Beastie Boys, The Who, Pink Floyd, Iggy Pop, The Velvet Underground, Beck, Tegan and Sara, The White Stripes…I will dance, just warning you.

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