Sunday Morning Sit Down


Fall seems like it might finally be showing up here in Washington.  It’s been an incredible warm, and rain-free, summer, which started in spring.  The humidity is hanging in here, though now that the rain is showing up.  I’m looking forward to those crisp sunny days that make this time of year my favorite.

A year ago May I went to a friend’s wedding in Nebraska, and it reignited my love of photography, but honed it in the direction of “travel photography”.  (Whatever that really truly means, but for me it’s photos and journaled thoughts of my personal excursions).  It inspired an aborted attempt at a 365 project – my work schedule wasn’t conducive to keeping up that pace.  It also bore in me a desire to travel the American Highway System, and see what there is to be seen.  July 9th-11th was my first step towards that adventure.

Thanks to a co-worker who shared her family’s beach house, and a friend who loaned me a camera without the sensor problems that my old Nikon D40 is facing, I set out to begin an exploration of Highway 101.

So, 101 in Washington makes a loop around the Olympic Mountain Range, known as the Olympic Peninsula.  My first day was a trip up to the Makah Indian Reservation with stops in Neah Bay, Cape Flattery, and Toos-Yess Beach.  Day two went south through the sloughs, and Willapa Bay, and over the Columbia River into Astoria.  On day three of the whirlwind drive, I headed north again, still on the western side of the Olympics to see Lake Quinault, Crescent Lake, and catch the sunset at Sequim Bay.  Looking forward to sharing this trip with everyone.

There are many other photos sitting in my To Process folder.  Including a Dill-Fisch shoot with ponies, and some older trips I never found the time to get out.  I missed posting my Long Beach trip over the 4th to the blog, but you can see the photos on my Facebook Page. I still have one more photo to clean up (see previously mentioned sensor problems *sigh*).

In non photo-related news, I’m going to begin another Whole30, in order to get back on track with a healthy eating plan.  I’m also going to explore cooking with pumpkin this fall, which I’m calling my 10 Weeks of Pumpkin Fun.  I’ve already found a few recipes I’m excited to try.  Finally, I plan on catching everyone up on The Grand Idiocy.


About Books

tumblr_llrmnuseOJ1qzb5wzo1_1280So I got it in my head this year, that I would set myself the goal of reading 90 books.  It’s roughly two books a week, and once upon a time I read three to four books a week.  Three to four weighty tombs in fact.  One to two books a week felt like a walk in the park. A pleasant walk in the park, in fact.  A walk in the park where I wouldn’t need suffer the bloviated pontification of insufferable philosophers (unless of course I want to read the bloviated pontification of insufferable philosophers), or the incomprehensible triple/quadruple negatives of one Aristotle (no worries here, I will never voluntarily read Aristotle).

The thing I didn’t take into account?  It’s no longer my “job” to read three to four books a week.  In fact my Job eats up around 50 hours a week of my time, leaving not so much time left for the reading. Therefore, I’ve named this venture …

The Grand Idiocy!

What prompted this flight of fancy?  This delving into the abyss of miss-laid ambition?  Did I purchase a time turner at some out of the way, funky pawn shop?  Trade in my duct-taped together Mazda Protege for a circa 80’s DeLorean?  Nope!  I joined a book club.  An online book club.  Through Goodreads…it’s a thing.

See they have these challenges…monthly and yearly.  This year’s challenge?  To become a serial killer.  At first thinking this meant crime drama, I felt in no way tempted to join when I innocently opened the link in You’ll Love This One’s discussion forum.  Them bastards are quiet tricksy and much more cleaverer than I gave them credit for.  This challenge only deals in mystery and crime if you want it to.  No, it’s a challenge that lets you go through, and close the loop on all those book series you’ve been reading, or thinking about reading, or never knew you wanted to read until you saw someone else’s book series.

Sitting down with pen, paper, computer, bookshelves, and various Amazon and Barnes and Noble “wish lists”, I came up with 23 series I wanted to complete (but really start), which I’m estimating at around 90 or so books.  As you read your books, you progress through levels, based on an elaborate points system (not really elaborate, unless you’re reading it hung over one Sunday morning).  To complete a level you need 100 points and have disemboweled at least one series.

Well, my friends, last night I completed my first level!  Yep, at 105 points, I am an official serial killer (I’m sure my mom always knew I had it in me).

The following titles were the first manuscripts I massacred (pronounced mass-a-creed ™Arlo Guthrie):

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy six book series (this included the sacrilegious 6th book written by most definitely not Douglas Adams – moment of silence).

And rounding out my points:  I Am Number Four; The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making; and Anne of Green Gables.

A summary of my thoughts and feelings on the books of level one is forth coming.

Tonight…it’s enough for me to stand here and proclaim:

Beluga Point 1B“With 14% of the year completed, I have completed 10% of my reading goal!”

Now, if you’ll excuse me?  I’m going to my room, where you will find me reading Dune Messiah.  G’night.

From the Ashes

It’s been one year and seven months since I updated PhotoGrrl Pictures.  In that time I’ve taken few pictures, spending my time getting healthy and other things…

On May 1, 2014 I began a 365 project.  I backdated the first few pictures, you may find them by following this tag: 365 Project.


Luv, Lynda

Jasmine Anderson