Comic Con and Superheros

comic-con-logo-la-7-19-13Not sure about the rest of you geeks out there, but I spent the weekend binge watching everything I could get my hands on related to Comic Con that You Tube would offer up.

I’ve become more of a TV watcher in the past few years than a movie geek, so those TV panels were always the ones I most looked forward to.  And, with Orphan Black only showing up as a 5 minute highlight video, The X-Files inexplicably not having a panel, and The Vampire Diaries having just finished their panel this morning, I spent most of my time watching the movie panels.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten excited about superhero movies.  My disenchantment probably started with Spider-Man 3, and a couple years later X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  After that I had a hard time getting excited for the total gluttony of the summer superhero movie take-over.  Preferring to retreat into the actual comic books instead. Joss Whedon couldn’t really re-invest me, which shows you how deep my apathy ran.  And, yet…

…DC and Marvel have me amped up in way that I haven’t been in years.  Even Batfleck didn’t make me want to punch things.  (Though the teaser was far more tantalizing that the trailer).  I’m easily most excited about Suicide Squad and Deadpool.  There’s the fact that we finally get to see Wonder Woman on screen…finally! Oh, and a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

So in an effort to set aside my comic book disillusionment, I’m going to spend the next few Saturdays revisiting the DC and Marvel Universes, picking up franchises I never bothered to watch (Captain America, Thor), and re-watching the others.  (I did just rewatch Nolan’s Batman Trilogy not too long ago, so I’ll probably glide past that one).