Beauty & Tranquility

May Twelfth and Thirteenth, Two Thousand and Fourteen

PhotoGrrl Pictures

May 201413

The first is a site that caught my eye driving through the Green River Valley in Auburn on Monday.

The second is of the moon on Tuesday, during sunset.  My intention this day was to capture Mt. Rainer, but I missed the light by about an hour.  Near my home I grabbed this shot…I’ve always loved it when the moon is visible while it is technically still day.

-Twelve and Thirteen of Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

I Call Him Todd

May Seventh, Two Thousand and Fourteen

May 201407

There is a graffiti artist who tagged several utility boxes, as well as fields, and, most daring, the middle of a road riddled with switchbacks.  I’ve been enjoying watching the cartoonish faces pop up unexpectedly, bringing a bit of joy to an otherwise routine, daily drive.  I especially like the juxtaposition of an urban art style, existing in tranquil fields and farmland.

This particular installment lives at the top of the rise, just as you turn on Lake Moneysmith Road.  I call him Todd, The Wormy Guy.

Seven of Three Hundred and Sixty-Five