Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Iris Macro

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This Iris lives in our backyard.  We uprooted its life from a quiet, shady spot to a barren area full of sun – and it’s thriving dramatically.  The dark purple of its petals is deeper than any year before.

This isn’t technically a macro, as I don’t have a macro lens, but it’s about as close to flower as I can get with my camera, without a filter.  Still, I wanted to play along with the photo challenge…so here I am.

Iris Surprise

May Twenty-First, Two Thousand and Fourteen

PhotoGrrl Pictures

      PhotoGrrl Pictures  PhotoGrrl Pictures

These Irises were transplanted last year, in a rather unhealthy way.  So it’s exciting to see them come back vigorous and with such a deep color.  They’re getting more sun, which is making them very happy flowers.


I was sick for a few day, and so need to make up for those missed pictures.  Thus there are three today.

Saturday morning I am flying out to Nebraska for a wedding, and won’t be posting for a bit.  When I come back I’ll have a full photo essay…I hope …to share with you.


-Seventeen, Eighteen, and Nineteen of Three Hundred and Sixty-Five