PhotoGrrl Pictures

The last two days I spent developing the photographs from Nebraska, which I’ll be sharing over the course of the next week.  I think these make up for the four days of the 365 Project I’m behind on.

You may ask why I decided to visit Nebraska, instead of say…Chicago, or Germany…

…Truthfully, I doubt I’d have ever visited this particular Midwestern state, if it wasn’t for my friend, Beth, who married Jonathan Keim on May 25th.

I believe the best way to get a feel for a place is to drive it.  While I did spend time exploring Omaha’s museums, and tourist attractions, a significant amount of time was spent touring Central Nebraska, killing time before the ceremony and reception.  The day after I drove back to Omaha, but stopped first in Lincoln to visit the state capitol on Memorial Day.  I spent a full day in Omaha, before returning home on Wednesday.

So different from my native Pacific Northwest, I played around with bracketing and learned HDR in Photoshop, finally. (The above image isn’t an HDR image, but it’s my favorite, so that’s why it’s my teaser).  I found the change of scenery inspiring, and though I didn’t to everything I hoped for, it was a nice break from the routine of life.  That’s what vacation is supposed to be, right?

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